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How to pack for a Yangtze cruise

With the growing popularity of Yangtze Cruise, there are many asking for advice after they decided that a Yangtze Cruise is part of their China vacation. Keeping in mind that the Yangtze Cruise is very different from the ocean liners, and the average cruise are 3 or 4 nights.

Step 1 Secure your travel documentation. Gather your cruise voucher, flight itinerary, passports, medical prescriptions, insurance card, and any other important documents together and make several photocopies of them. Have a copy at home with someone you know, so they can fax them to you when necessary.

Step 2 Dressing code on Yangtze Cruise is casual, suit and tie is not a must. The formal occasions on the Yangtze Cruise is the second evening, when the captain will host a welcome banquet.

Step 3 Take small bills. Yangtze Cruise encourage cash tipping of the dining room and housekeeping staff at the end of the voyage; this is often a major source of their income. Bring along enough cash in small denominations like 20RMB ($3USD), 10RMB ($1.4USD). For shore excursions, you may bypass lots of souvenir stores where only cash is accepted. Buy taking small bills, you can avoid counterfeit money when people give you the change.

Step 4 Avoid over packing. Some Chinese Airlines have strict restrictions on extra or overweight bags, and you can find yourself paying a stiff premium if you don't stay within their limits. The average free luggage allowance is 20KG. Don't forget too that most Yangtze Cruise lines offer a laundry service, so you don't have to worry about running out of clean clothes. T-shirts and daily suppliers are easily available from supermarkets like Walmart, and they are normally cheaper in China.

Things You'll Need:

Yangtze River cruise average capacity is 200 passengers in 100 cabin, it's a lot smaller than ocean cruises
There is no swimming pool on Yangtze Cruise because of the size of the vessel
The Yangtze River is average 300 to 500 meters wide, and it is still very busy waterway in China for transport

Tips & Warnings:

★Cruise ship will prepare 2 bottles of water, during meals there is complimentary water and soft drinks served.
★You may consider buy in-cabin wine before you check into the cruise.
★It's normally hot in June and July, and cold from November to January.

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